2012 Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarship for Developing Countries

The Wells Mountain Foundation is a public charitable foundation based in Bristol, Vermont, USA, which has been approved under the United States Internal Revenue Service under Section 501(c)(3). The purpose of the Foundation is primarily to support programs and individuals in developing nations or other situations of extreme poverty.Financial support is primarily to cover the costs of the education itself and directly related expenses including books and supplies.

2012 Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarship for Developing Countries Details
Scholarship Criteria Scholarships are generally granted for the full period of study, however, recipients must maintain good grades and provide copies of all semester reports and grades as they are received. The scholarship can be discontinued at any time in the event of unsatisfactory performance.
Field of Study Post secondary Education (college, university, polytechnic, trade school) on Various Educational Subjects
Scholarship Package Scholarships are generally granted for the full period of study
How To Apply Applications must be received by April 1, 2012 to be considered for the 2012-2013 school year. Applicants will be notified if they have been selected as a WMF Scholarship student by approximately August 1, 2012, with funding for the first semester by September 1.
All applications should be mailed (our first choice) or e-mailed to:

Wells Mountain Foundation, Inc.
25 D Main Street
Bristol, Vermont 05443
Or wmfscholars@wellsmountainfoundation.org

Documents that you must include with your application:
Please check off these items to be sure you have included them.
We will not consider incomplete applications!!

???? A brochure or other information on the educational institution that you propose to attend. Do not just give us the school’s website, although you may print out info from the site and included it with your application. We have some brochures on file in our office. If you plan to attend any of the following, it is not necessary to send a brochure: Kampala International U., Port Harcourt U., Aga Khan U., Bugema U., Takoradi Poly, Niger Delta U., U. of Cape Coast, Kwame Nkrumah U., Haramaya U., U. of Ghana, Makerere U., and Gulu U., as we have copies of their catalogs on file in our office.

???? A letter of acceptance from the school, if you have already received one. If not, send it to us once you have been accepted, noting that you have already sent in an application.

???? Two letters of recommendation from people who know you, but are not family members, such as employers, teachers, clergy, volunteer group leaders, etc., who can tell us about your character and abilities.

???? A personal statement of at least 500 words, telling us about your background, your family, your life experiences, why you chose to study the particular field you are studying, and why you believe you should be favorably considered for this scholarship. This statement is a very important part of our decision making process!

???? Official transcript of grades from secondary school with a key to interpreting the grades. For example, in some countries “D” means below average and in others it stands for Distinction. If you have already completed one or more years at the tertiary level, please include an official grade report for these studies. Do not include grades from primary or junior high school.

???? Results from your national exam, if your country gives this kind of student examination.
Please only send in your application once. We will send you an email acknowledgement when it arrives in our office. If you do not receive an acknowledgement after two weeks, email us and ask if we have received it before you send another copy

Closing Date 1 April 2012

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  1. Praise the Lord,
    I have a degree BA Theology from Reformed Theological College
    (North West University) now i want to enroll for a Honnors program.
    Can you help me to get a scholarship.

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